Meet Eliza


89-Eliza-5812When beloved and useful items have a place in your space and the clutter is on its way out the door you’ll feel calmer, healthier, more present, and more productive. Clutter is a material clue that something needs to be emotionally released: It’s whatever reroutes you from your happiest you. Eliza’s job is to help you identify the keepers and empower you to let the rest go. The hardest part is getting started: Eliza makes it easy.

This Jersey girl (no accent) moved to Kansas City in 2012. Eliza has explored 32 countries and loves SCUBA diving, jigsaw puzzles, room escapes and her dog Petri. She owns only one kitchen knife, 30 items on hangers, 11 pairs of shoes, and no TV or coffee table.

Eliza has been a decluttering pro since 2010 and is one of the rare certified organizers in town. Her work was featured on the Steve Harvey Show, with occasional organizing tips on the local news. Get ready to make room in your life for whatever makes your heart sing: Eliza will show up on your doorstep in yoga pants with a sense of humor and a plan of attack!