Simplicana: A simple approach to organized bliss.

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Purging Closets, Organizing Lives

Hey check out this fun article by the lovely Katherine Houlehan in this month’s Johnson County Lifestyle magazine 🙂 Together we organized her closet and basement storage room! It was a total … Read More

Travel, clutter-free

Happy vacation season! Weekend getaways, cross-country road trips, jet-setting to exotic spots, time on the beach . . . these are the trips we look forward to all year long. The … Read More

Three ways to make organizing fun

Ice cream, puppies, sex . . . and organizing. One of these things doesn’t belong, right? Wrong! If you’re going to be successful at organizing, you need to enjoy it! … Read More

How Simplicana got its name

  “How do I get organized?” The answer I think many folks want to hear is, “Go to IKEA and treat yourself to pretty matching containers!” But here is the … Read More


Spring cleaning — for your love life

Cleaning and organizing doesn’t always scream sexy — but order and cleanliness is the best backdrop for a little magic in the bedroom. And as spring approaches, there’s no better … Read More

12 non-things I inherited from my mom

When I was 16 my mom passed away, and being her only daughter, I inherited most of her belongings: clothing, jewelry, knick knacks, her old school papers, letters and cards, journals, … Read More

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