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My closet got audited!

You know what’s better than spending tons money on clothes? Investing in a professional Closet Auditor who will teach you how to buy only the right clothes.

My friend Linda Davis with House of Colour KC not only audits closets, but she can assess you for your best colors and styles. I took three classes with Linda (Color Analysis, Style Profile, and Makeup 101) before I hired her to audit my wardrobe.

It has always been a dream of mine to own a capsule wardrobe: A small collection of quality pieces that all look great on me, and go with each other piece in the capsule. Linda does not exclusively do capsule wardrobe projects- in fact most of her clients are not aspiring minimalists- but she was delighted to take me on!

First, she came over to my small apartment and we went through every piece of clothing. I still have my color swatch wallet when I took her Color Analysis class over 3 years ago- so we used it to compare my existing clothing pieces to it, to make sure that my pieces were in my color spectrum. I’m a “Summer”, which means that I look best in blue-based, soft & muted colors (as opposed to yellow-based, or bright & bold hues). Most of my clothing made the cut, probably because I took my color and style classes with Linda very seriously all those years ago. Yet to my delight, we did have one trash bag of clothing donations at the end. I gave up my black yoga pants (black does me no favors, but dark navy does), some undergarments that I hadn’t been realistic about wearing, and some old t-shirts. Linda is empowering: She’s not the type to insist on parting with items- she simply tells me whether or not an item is helping or hurting me, and I make the choice.

Then I got a shopping assignment! I already owner 4 dresses that worked in my favor, but Linda didn’t think that any of my shoes were doing those dresses any justice. Nor did I have cardigans or layers to go over said dresses. Nor did I own a single skirt! So Linda went home and created a private, personalized Pinterest board chock full of items in my color and style. I had to shop for some navy kitten heels, some flats in a fun bright color (I chose ruby- I have enough blues and greens in my closet), and a bunch of cardigans. I also bought a pair of simple white canvas slip-on shoes to work in (we organizers need not be fancy when we’re crawling under beds to dig out dusty items), and Linda gave me her blessing to invest in some good, navy yoga pants- she said with my style profile (which factors in personality), such a garment was appropriate for me to work in.

Then Linda came back once more. She looked over all of my purchases, and praised me for a job well done (squee!). There were a few items that we looked at together and decided, “Meh… Let’s return those.” But mostly, I had got it right.

Then the best part of all: Linda arranged my existing garments and the new purchases together, and took photos, so that I could see what really went together well; so that I could have more confidence the next time I got dressed. I’ve included 3 photos below, check them out!

Needless to say, I am thrilled. My wardrobe is smaller, and so much better. Each piece can do multiple functions, not just one or two: My closet is like a Swiss Army knife! I’m equipped for any event: Work, fun, dates, speaking gigs, teaching, cocktail parties, weddings… Auditing my closet was a one-time investment with life-long skills learned. I’m not a girly girl, and fashion and makeup have always sort of baffled and confused me. Dressing well is more important in our culture than I would like it to be, but at least I now have the tools and the know-how when I need them. But I’ll be honest with you: I feel better when I make an effort to dress well. And people respond more positively to me.

I have 39 items on hangers at the time of writing, and 3 small drawers of clothing (one of those is just off-season). It’s nice to own a small quantity of higher quality items.

By the way, we have launched our new and improved Simplicana Shop– here are my wardrobe favorites.


Skirt and top can be worn with any of these 3 cardigans, or either of these shoes.

My navy dress, which I wear for speaking gigs or to dinner parties, can be worn with any of these 3 cardigans, plus either pair of shoes.



I was heading to a wedding and I had the right dress, bag and bracelet- and Linda approved these new silver shoes for the event!

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