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My Parents Are Downsizing!

After helping many families downsize, or readjust in their space after their folks downsize, last month it was finally my turn to sit in the hot seat! Yesterday, my parents moved from … Read More

Losing Each Other in the Clutter

Clutter eliminates opportunities to connect with each other. I used to meet with a client in New Jersey whose house was so hoarded that her children refused to bring her grandchildren over to … Read More

Top 5 Fears When Hiring an Organizer

Last week on Facebook I asked folks to list their fears and hesitations when considering… Should I hire an organizer? While I can’t speak for other organizers and how they … Read More

10 Questions about Simplicana

Josh Wendel with I Just Want A Site graciously had me on his 10 Questions Show this week to answer 10 questions about Simplicana, LLC. Click the image above to watch the … Read More

Top 10 Things My Clients Say

1. I didn’t even know I owned that. 2. THAT’S where that [insert long lost item] was! 3. Am I the worst case you’ve ever seen? 4. That was a … Read More

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