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My closet got audited!

You know what’s better than spending tons money on clothes? Investing in a professional Closet Auditor who will teach you how to buy only the right clothes. My friend Linda Davis … Read More

Losing Each Other in the Clutter

Clutter eliminates opportunities to connect with each other. I used to meet with a client in New Jersey whose house was so hoarded that her children refused to bring her grandchildren over to … Read More

33 clothes, 3 months.

For the next 3 months, I only have 33 items of clothing/shoes/accessories to choose from and wear. Here’s my starting inventory… I began September 1st and end November 30th. I’ve … Read More

Travel, clutter-free

Happy vacation season! Weekend getaways, cross-country road trips, jet-setting to exotic spots, time on the beach . . . these are the trips we look forward to all year long. The … Read More

Project 333: the Spring Version

3 weeks, with nothing to wear outside of 33 items. The original Project 333 was started by Courtney Carver, and advocated 33 items for 3 months. I’ve done my mini version … Read More

My 28 Day Spending Freeze

2014 is an exciting but expensive year, and between the new website, weddings and several trips and adventures, I’ve got some debt to avoid getting into. Inspired by this blogger, I decided to … Read More

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