| 11 Organizing Tips You Will Actually Stick To

11 Organizing Tips You Will Actually Stick To

Check it out, Redfin interviewed professional organizers across the country for these wonderfully SIMPLE tips! Don’t miss yours truly’s tip to create a Donation Station. 🙂

In other exciting news, my partner and I put an offer on our dream house (that we found on… REDFIN!) in Kansas City, and it was accepted! Pending inspection and appraisal, we close February 11th. I NEVER thought I would be a home owner, so this was a big evolutionary shift in my life, and I will be documenting all of the fun and daunting organizing challenges that come up over on Instagram (@Simplicana, follow along!) and our Facebook page, facebook.com/Simplicana.

The biggest obstacle may be that the house has 3 bedrooms, but ZERO closets! Were my partner and I put off by this? No we were not! Stay tuned to see what creative things we pull off.

Very excited for this new chapter!

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