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Posts from April 2020

Adventures in small packages!

Last fall I took the month of October off from organizing and went to Australia on a solo trip: A gift I’ve been wanting to give to myself for decades. … Read More

Fun with repurposing!

Shopping is risky right now. I don’t know about you, but my quarantine family and I have been meticulously disinfecting every individual item that enters their home, whether grocery ingredient, … Read More

How can we help during lockdown?

We are doing what we can (remotely, of course) during the lockdown. We plan to begin meeting with clients face-to-face as soon as the order lifts. In the meantime we … Read More

Organizing to save your life

Hello from a changing world, friends. The COVID-19 marketing email tsunami has died down- I want to let your inboxes breathe a bit before posting what I feel could be … Read More