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Organizing to save your life

Hello from a changing world, friends. The COVID-19 marketing email tsunami has died down- I want to let your inboxes breathe a bit before posting what I feel could be … Read More

Spring time closet swap!

  Yesterday morning I put on some spring-y tunes (“Beautiful Day” by U2, “Here Comes The Sun”, and “Blue Skies” by Noah and The Whale, among others), and did my … Read More

Some thoughts on the Holidays

We celebrate a non-religious Christmas (I was raised with Christmas, but I also celebrate Hanukkah) in my family of origin. We are a family of adult children (I’m the oldest … Read More

How I keep on top of tasks

  I’d like to share with you a mental system that I invented for myself many years ago and use at least once daily (but more often twice), to stay … Read More

My closet got audited!

You know what’s better than spending tons money on clothes? Investing in a professional Closet Auditor who will teach you how to buy only the right clothes. My friend Linda Davis … Read More

My kitchen organizing favorites!

Introducing our The Organized Kitchen shop in our brand new Simplicana Shop! Here are my hands-down favorite kitchen organizing supplies:

My Parents Are Downsizing!

After helping many families downsize, or readjust in their space after their folks downsize, last month it was finally my turn to sit in the hot seat! Yesterday, my parents moved from … Read More

The Sinister Six: Loss

Welcome back for my final post on the six fears that keep us from shedding our excess baggage… The Sinister Six! Here is a recap: Potential (use) Investment (cost) Identity (ego) Control (perfectionism) Obligation (guilt) Loss … Read More

The Sinister Six: Guilt

“If a gift has come to you wrapped in obligations and tied tightly with a ribbon of guilt, then it’s not really a gift at all. It’s a manipulation.” -Peter … Read More

The Sinister Six: Identity

Welcome back, as we continue to examine the Sinister Six: The six fears that make us pause before we place something in the donate bin! Potential (use) Investment (cost) Identity (ego) Control (perfectionism) Obligation (guilt) … Read More