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Jill in Overland Park, KS – email message

I am still absolutely gobsmacked (as they say in Oz) at how you managed to pull so much stuff out of such small areas.  It’s like being noseblind, but with stuff.  Stuffblind? 

Second of all, I LOVE my laundry setup so much that I even did an extra load last night, just so I could use the space.

Third, did you hear the angels singing around 6:25 this morning?  If so, that was because my hair straightener was put away for the first time in five years.

Beth in Kansas City, MO – text message

THANK YOU for your countless hours of help and support. I feel like a new person and love the systems we’ve put in place. I truly appreciate working with you and have also enjoyed getting to know you. Thank you thank you 7a4ba7585047fb3054030b0fe43366bf

Grace in Kansas City, MO – Facebook

If you are looking for an INCREDIBLE, professional organizer, look no further than Eliza Cantlay! She is fantastic! She is sweet, understanding, and has an awesome sense of humor! If you have a room that you just don’t know what to do with, you need to call her! (Especially if you’re a crafter!)

Sara in Olathe, KS – Simplicana Facebook page

Eliza is fantastic! She is professional, timely, knowledgeable, prepared and a go-getter. Beyond that, she is delightfully kind, compassionate, non-judgmental and just an all around great gal. Her wonderful sense of humor while also being motivational made our project time fly by. We are utilizing her services as we prepare to add an addition to our family and are needing to better utilize the space we already have. I also love that she arranges donation removal on the spot. One less thing for me to do!! Simplicana is simply amazing!!!!

Client in Grandview, MO – text message

Good morning Eliza, just wanted to remind you how much I love working with you, you know me so well. I am so loving the way you changed my bedroom, and how you put reminders on my doors on what to clean- that works perfectly for me since I am a visual learner; it has motivated me to clean. That really helps. Thanks again.

Deb in Lee’s Summit, MO – Facebook page review

I decided to try Eliza to see what her clutter busting techniques were all about. I am so glad I did! Her tips, techniques and “can do” attitude will assist to organize your life and give you your “guilt free” time back. At one point, it just seemed like I was spending time with a really great friend powering through a project. I am already organizing my thoughts about what we will tackle next!!!! Eliza is the real deal, so open up those closets and call her!!

Client in Tonganoxie, KS – Angie’s List review

Eliza was amazing.  She was very professional and down to earth.  I consider myself to be generally pretty organized, but my home office was completely out of control.  She worked me through my mental block and before I knew it I was purging and organizing things that had sat in boxes for years.  I wish I had ordered longer than a four hour segment, but she truly provided me the tools to keep going after our work together.  I will definitely work with her again and highly recommend her to others! 🙂

Kathy in Pleasant Hill, MO – Angie’s List review

On the road to a beautiful home. Eliza and I corresponded via email a couple times, she sent me some great information to ensure that I was prepared for the day, she came right on time and worked straight through for 8 hours and at the end of the day we’d organized my office, the linen closet and the front hall closet.

I was embarrassed at the state of our house – Eliza was so caring and encouraging that I just felt really comfortable with her in my home. She’s really hands on – we both dug in and worked side by side the whole day! She’s very easy to be around, very sensitive, intelligent, well-traveled, open and accepting. It was such a successful day that I’ve signed up for another session – just as soon as possible!

Mike in Shawnee, KS

OK so Eliza Cantlay of Simplicana had her follow up with my oldest (Freshman at local High School) and I am blown away with the difference she has made with him! She is not only helping with how and what to use on his new MacBook Pro, but also just basic organization and routines! If you are tired of yelling and frustration maybe it’s time to hire a professional. Just Saying.

Rachel in Overland Park, KS

Thanks again for your mad skills. This time having a baby is going to be way easier,  in part because I am not so clueless in creating systems as last time. Last time was a doozy and I didn’t even know to buy storage baskets for the changing table. I learned so much from you in system creation, and can easily maintain organization as well as initiate organization independently in my house. Before Eliza, I was completely unable to do these things and thought I just wasn’t cut out for keeping a house in one piece. Eliza showed me how wrong I was and my quality of life and self-esteem has improved ten-fold. Thanks Eliza!!

Sarah from Kansas City, MO – Angie’s List review

Eliza is thorough, efficient, pragmatic and unendingly positive. Her services have been a fantastic help, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to complete an organizational project, big or small. She not only provides great suggestions in the time that she’s with you, but also sends great follow-up emails in response to questions that come up during sessions. Her tips have been proven to be very effective, and I’ve been able to apply them to projects and areas not covered specifically during our sessions.

Christine from Overland Park, KS

“Simplicana was fantastic. After my four hours was up I felt so refreshed and excited I kept organizing for the whole weekend. I plan to do this every four months to keep me on track.”

Anne from Overland Park, KS

We had such a wonderful experience with Eliza (owner of Simplicana). She was the perfect blend of persistence and patience throughout our project. She led us through and kept us on track while we organized our space. She worked with us side by side and made the whole process enjoyable. We now have a livable, usable space and owe her many thanks

Lisa from Leawood, KS

Amazing service! Totally organized my basement & office.

Erin from Kansas City, MO – Angie’s List review

Eliza was very prompt in getting back to me once I contacted her. I thought that there would be no way we could organize my basement in one day, but we actually got it done with time to spare. I cannot believe the difference. I was feeling overwhelmed and therefore kept putting it off, but with Eliza’s help and organizational skills, we knocked it out in one day. She even hauled off all that she could fit in her car.

Dana Ward, Owner of Great Day Moving, Kansas City, MO

We recommend Eliza to our clients that need help organizing, de-cluttering, and even packing (if they are going pack for their move over an extended amount of time). She is affordable, always reliable, and brings a professional an energetic aspect to the organization process. Thanks Eliza for always doing a great job!

Stacey from Merriam, KS

Eliza has helped me to purge, organize, and systematize several areas of my home. We have finished the storage area of my basement, now a workout room, created a home office, reorganized and cleared a playroom, and several closets. I can now see my kitchen countertops because of this organizing genie. Eliza is whip-smart and very friendly, with an excellent sense of humor. She works fast, yet truly listens to what the end goal of the client is.

Charity from Raytown, MO

“She was awesome. We got so much done…”

Tanya from Basehor, KS – Angie’s List review

Eliza was awesome! Very friendly and professional. She made the process fun and painless. I would highly recommend Eliza to anyone looking to get their lives simplified and organized. The best!

Nan from Olathe, KS

“Eliza was easy to work with, worked hard, had great ideas but was willing to accommodate my desires as well. EXCELLENT experience. ”

Kris from Overland Park, KS

“Eliza is great! She has helpful organizational tips and tricks, and also a supportive nature that makes it easier to part with items we like, but don’t use–the ones that clog our closets, pantries and garages. Then she whisks the donations away so that you’re REALLY done at the end of the day. Highly recommend!”

Chris from Shawnee, KS – YELP

As a business owner with not much time to dedicate to organizing the different rooms in my office, we brought in Eliza last week and we could not be more thrilled with the work she did! Not only was everything done professionally and timely, but every step was laid out in advance so we knew what to expect before the final product was unveiled. Simply put, it made my life much more simple!

David from Hoboken, NJ

Last year I moved into an apartment that came with a bed bug infestation. I had to move a second time very rapidly and without any planning. Eliza was instrumental in helping me get my life reorganized again. I am a highly organized person, but the chaos that was introduced into my life by this infestation was too much to handle on my own. I’m thrilled that Eliza was there to help.

Sharon from Overland Park, KS

“Eliza is a gift to those of us who don’t have the organization gene. She keeps you on track and doesn’t make you feel embarrassed at all when you introduce her to your “stuff”. Thank you Eliza, I feel like I can breathe again and not feel so overwhelmed in my own bedroom.”

Justin from New York City

Eliza is simply the BEST. She spent hours with me using her Jedi organizing skills to convince me I didn’t need 3/4 of the junk I had saved for a decade. Part organizer, part therapist, part recycling expert, she is an organizing cyborg from another planet. A few hours with her and you will be begging her for more. You can’t have enough organization in your life and as busy as we all are, Eliza can help relieve the burden. Thanks one million times Eliza!

Linda from Kansas City, MO

“We had a great day together. Eliza was full of ideas and she worked hard so that we could get as much accomplished as possible.”

T.B. from KS

“Eliza is fabulous!!! I can’t stop looking at my closet.”

Sheng from KS

“Eliza is GREAT! Eliza is a truly master on organizing. She has lots of great suggestions, and enjoy her jobs very much. She works non-stop and very efficiently. We got the whole kitchen cabinets, drawers, and a closet done very well. She even arranged to handle all of our donations and provided us with a receipt. The best investment we have! We’d love to have her come again. :-)”

Celia from Garner, KS

“All of the reviews I’d read about Simplicana were 100% accurate! My time with Eliza flew by, but looking at the results after the fact, I was amazed how good I felt from the experience. Thank you Eliza for lightening my world!”

Bill from Lawrenceville, NJ

Eliza at Simplicana is a wizard at the delicate art of decluttering. As a former chef, I thought I had a pretty organized pantry, but in a very small amount of time, she managed to rearrange things in a way that made it much easier to use. She’s also a great teacher. When my son was having trouble keeping all of his books / papers / handouts / etc. together at school, she taught him an easy to use method for organizing his materials, thorough but totally appropriate for a 6th grader.

T.A. from Belton, MO – Angie’s List review

I contacted Eliza through her website and inquired about her services. She responded to me promptly and we set up an appointment for her to come to our house to help organize and simplify our home. Eliza set me a ‘pre-appointment checklist’ of items that would facilitate the organization process (plastic bins, boxes, garbage bags, Sharpies, etc).

Eliza was punctual and entered our home with a upbeat, motivated, and non-judgemental attitude. She took a tour of our home, discussed our goals, and made suggestions. We quickly ‘got down to business’ as we separated items for donation, Craigslist, and FreeCycle. During this process she was very motivating, and made great suggestions as to how increase functionality and decrease clutter. She never forced us to get rid of something that we really wanted, but she would make a very convincing suggestions about how you could live without an item or put it in a different location so that it would not take up space in it’s current location.

After the day was done, Eliza took all of our donations that we had packed in boxes and bags to her car to haul away to a local charity (Big Brothers Big Sisters). The day after the appointment she sent me a follow-up email summarizing the areas covered, suggestions that were discussed during the visit, future projects to consider, and homework (post Craigslist items and FreeCycle items). Eliza then sent us a receipt from Big Brothers Big Sisters for our donation.

Overall, I loved this service. I hope to use Eliza again for organizing our garage! I really appreciated her wonderful attitude and her amazing suggestions to help maintain a more organized life. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to simplify and organize your surroundings.

Anne from New York City

I can’t say enough great things about Eliza!! She came to my house for a full day and we totally went through my four children’s school work from nursery school to college and we distilled each child’s work down to 30 items which will now be put in digital books for each child. Basement was totally cleared out! She is great fun to work with and the time flew. She kept me focused the whole time on the task at hand and sorted the wheat from the chaff!! I can’t wait to have her back to tackle another project!

Bonnie from NJ – Angie’s List review

The goal was to declutter and find a permanent spot for everything….and it definitely happened. We organized and cleaned the kitchen, closets, living room, bedroom, bathroom…..including under the sink and organized it so it is easier to use and find the things I use daily. Basically she gets every corner and every nook & cranny. She really helps you decide what to keep, throw away, donate, sell, or freecycle. Without any pressure to do something you don’t want to do. She donates your useful unwanted items to charity and takes them with her so you don’t have worry about doing it yourself. She is very hands on, she will take the garbage out when its full and throw in laundry to help you get it done.

Eliza is amazing. She arrived on time totally prepared. She jumped right in and started working immediately. Within the 1st hour I could see a big difference. We started with the kitchen and went through every cabinet and every drawer. She helps decide what needs to stay and what needs to go, logically, emotionally and realistically. She arranges the cabinets and drawers by how you use them, not by how standards say they should be. If it is logical for my lifestyle then thats how she arranges it. It is much more personal than just putting things in a row. She really tries to figure out why something will work or will not for her client. She is so personable and doesn’t make you feel self conscious or bad or embarrassed about any mess you have. Which is GREAT!!! She says she has seen it all so not to worry. I was a bit embarrassed about how messy my bedroom was and she jumps right in without a second thought, you can’t help but to let the emotions go and you just move forward because she has. She was great with my dogs, and even organized and weeded out their toys. Did they really need that leg from a stuffed bunny they ripped apart last year…probably not. All in all I am amazed at Eliza. She has such a talent for this type of work and she seem genuinely happy to be helping you. I am so glad I chose her to help me and am really glad I got her before she moves.

Angela from Lawrenceville, NJ – Angie’s List review

Eliza helped me organize my condo from start to finish. We went through each room and not only did she help me reorganize, she also provided decorating feedback and tips to help me STAY organized as we moved along in the process. She even went to Target to help me pick out some new bins, hangers, and shelves that would help me stay organized and give the rooms in my house a more “put together” look. I had a clear expectation of what we needed to accomplish during our session and the time frame we needed to do it in. She let me be as involved or not involved as I wanted. I work from home so I was able to complete my work while being there to help Eliza determine what I needed to keep, throw away, donate. She went through every nook and cranny of my condo from cabinets, closets, shelves, underneath the beds; she found all my hiding spots! As she went through each part of each room, Eliza made separate piles, keep, donate, Freecycle, recycle, trash. As she organized and finished with each room she would point out the changes she made to help me know where everything was and what I had. For example in the bathroom I now have organized shelves for me (to include skincare, eye care, travel and my husband with his shelves also divided accordingly. Everything is neatly labeled and easy to access, not to mention it looks great!. She followed the same process for each room. What was most helpful was when she reorganized my filing system/documents –yes, she gets that specific! She helped me shred tons of old documents that weren’t needed and go through mail I hadn’t gone through in ages! Eliza was also very eco-friendly during the process, as she made sure we recycled, Freecycled, and donated everything we possibly could. One of the best aspects of Eliza’s services is that she takes everything to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and handles all the recycling/trash. She even obtained the appropriate tax forms and documentation I needed to provide to show for my taxes, which was VERY helpful!

The idea of cleaning and organizing my house was extremely overwhelming and daunting, but necessary. From the minute that Eliza entered my house to the minute the project was complete, I felt such a positive energy. She literally helped me change the way I live, organize and structure my day. She was ORGANIZED (pun intended!), friendly, understanding (but firm!) as I needed to make some tough decisions about what to keep, donate, etc. She worked quick, hard, and was extremely professional. She was able to reorganize my house and create “to do” lists/tips for me for the future that I have been able to implement successfully in my life. I can tell you we spent the majority of our time in my walk-in closet and it looks exactly the same, over six months later, as when she left. Eliza’s work ethic is second to none and she truly cares about her clients. She is engaged, helpful and is here to help. This was the best money I can say I ever spent

Brad from Baltimore, MD – Angie’s List review

Eliza is a pleasure to work with. She works non stop for her clients, while encouraging those she works for to let go of items not needed any more, in a sensitive manner. We’ve used her three times already, and she will visit us shortly again!

Shannon from Ewing, NJ

With great confidence, I recommend the services of Simplicana. Eliza worked with me to develop a no-fail system of organization for my home. Never did I feel embarrassed or overwhelmed. In fact, she brings a calm, good natured attitude with her that motivated me to open up to new ideas in organization. She really does love her job. At first, I did have difficulty justifying the cost of hiring someone to organize for me. But I quickly realized that Eliza actually saved me money. At a quick glance, I know exactly what is in my pantry, how many bottles of shampoo I have and when we need more paper towels. No more over buying! When I go shopping now, I think twice before I make a purchase. Most importantly, Eliza has given me gift of valuable time. I now can spend time with the people who are important and not the the things that are not. Hiring Simplicana was one of the best decisions I made for my family and my sanity.

Deb from NJ – Angie’s List review

A young woman with remarkable energy and empathy came into my messy home and told me that she found great JOY in doing this kind of work. By her smile and very pleasant manner I could tell she was telling the truth. She focused in first on the kitchen, going to town on the clutter and asking me about how arrangements would work for me. Bags and Bags were filled and sorted according to recycle, freecycle, and refuse. The day was broiling hot and Eliza just went right on going up and down stairs to my third floor without a single complaint or frown! I am not a housekeeper and letting someone into my home is anxiety provoking. And after years of helpful and well meaning friends and relatives, it was so nice to have a friendly, compassionate face, who made no judgments or comments. When Eliza left I could actually find things! I felt like a heavy weight was lifted.

Overall it was not only not painful, but downright pleasant and gratifying. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to do some serious decluttering no matter how large or small your clutter may be. It could be kitchen, pantry, paperwork, old clothes, decorations. You name it. She is a professional and caring person who will help you lighten your burdens.

Diane from Lorton, VA

Honestly, the best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve used Eliza 3x. The first was after a cross country move where I had her come in and help us unpack, sort and organize. I thought that was great (and a luxury) but it was nothing compared to having her come in and help me de-clutter and purge my home office and garage. It’s hard, hard, hard work but she’s funny, works non-stop and really makes you think about what you are keeping and why. She truly enjoys her job. I found her affordable and once I got over the dread of the task, I was left tired but with a whipped into shape office and garage. One of my best craigslist finds ever!

Beth from Potomac, MD

“Eliza is a bundle of energy that arrived at my home eager to organize! We tackled two bedrooms, a basement storage area, a kitchen pantry and office desk area. Eliza is persistent and has great suggestions. In my case, she kept me focused and insisted that we complete each job. She is a master at organizing, making each space user friendly. While it is terrific to admire our newly organized space, it also feels great to see Eliza fill her car at the end of the day with items to donate to worthy causes. Eliza’s organizing skill did create positive karma in our home!”

Dave from Bethesda, MD

Eliza Rocks! I wish she were still down in the D.C. Metro area because we need her to help with the second half of our big project. She helped us re-locate to a temporary kitchen in the basement of our house while we built a new one, and now that the new one is built, we need her help to get us back upstairs, discard additional junk, and organize the new one. Somehow we’ll have to manage.

Wendy from Princeton, NJ

Eliza helped me organize and dispose of numerous items that needed to be dealt with prior to moving out of our home. She did so with efficiency, clarity and gentle guidance as I struggled through the process of “letting go” of perceived treasures that required repurposing or recycling. She sold items for us, delivered items to appropriate non profits and helped pack up things in an orderly and sensible fashion. We couldn’t have been more pleased with her work and delightful personality. I highly recommend her for any task!