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Current Topic: Going Deeper

Adventures in small packages!

Last fall I took the month of October off from organizing and went to Australia on a solo trip: A gift I’ve been wanting to give to myself for decades. … Read More

A Meaningful Translation

A little bit of Australia had been sitting in my bottom dresser drawer for over 16 years. I have been wanting to explore Australia for a long time now. In … Read More

Is letting go a privilege?

Is the ability to easily let go of things a privilege? I want to explore this idea, but first I want to talk about chapstick. I own too many chapsticks. … Read More

My Parents Are Downsizing!

After helping many families downsize, or readjust in their space after their folks downsize, last month it was finally my turn to sit in the hot seat! Yesterday, my parents moved from … Read More

Losing each other in the mess

Clutter eliminates opportunities to connect with each other. I used to meet with a client whose house was so packed with items that her children refused to bring her grandchildren … Read More

The Sinister Six: Loss

Welcome back for my final post on the six fears that keep us from shedding our excess baggage… The Sinister Six! Here is a recap: Potential (use) Investment (cost) Identity (ego) Control (perfectionism) Obligation (guilt) Loss … Read More

The Sinister Six: Guilt

“If a gift has come to you wrapped in obligations and tied tightly with a ribbon of guilt, then it’s not really a gift at all. It’s a manipulation.” -Peter … Read More

The Sinister Six: Control

We continue with the Sinister Six: the six fears that hold us back from shedding what no longer serves us. Here’s a recap of the Sinister Six: Potential (use) Investment (cost) … Read More

12 non-things I inherited from my mom

When I was 16 my mom passed away, and being her only daughter, I inherited most of her belongings: clothing, jewelry, knick knacks, her old school papers, letters and cards, journals, … Read More