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Macro and Micro organizing!

Do you get sidetracked while attempting to organize your home or office? Tiny discoveries (and re-discoveries!) distract you along the way. My organizing client and I are chugging along, making … Read More

The Organized Pantry

As far as pantries go, this one in Olathe, Kansas, was fairly typical of what I see- things were generally grouped together by category (snack bags were nearby other snack bags, … Read More

Travel, clutter-free

Happy vacation season! Weekend getaways, cross-country road trips, jet-setting to exotic spots, time on the beach . . . these are the trips we look forward to all year long. The … Read More


Spring cleaning — for your love life

Cleaning and organizing doesn’t always scream sexy — but order and cleanliness is the best backdrop for a little magic in the bedroom. And as spring approaches, there’s no better … Read More

Seasonal Swap Time!

  Now that the temperature has plummeted, it’s time to swap your cold weather clothing into your closet, and “archive” your warm weather threads. Here are some tips! “Should I … Read More

10 Things, 2 Minutes!

Organizing is like fitness- you gotta do a little bit every day, for the rest of your life, to stay in shape. [Insert groans and eye rolls]. I get it, … Read More

Project Playroom!

       Here are some photos from yesterday’s play room project! Total time: 3 hours. My six year old client was present, as was her big sister. We made … Read More

Guest Post – Dog Hoarding

“When you own everything, everything means nothing.” I forget who said it, but it is absolutely true- the more you own, the more meaningless every individual item becomes. Luckily our things don’t … Read More