| Top 10 Things My Clients Say

Top 10 Things My Clients Say

1. I didn’t even know I owned that.

2. THAT’S where that [insert long lost item] was!

3. Am I the worst case you’ve ever seen?

4. That was a gift from my ex… donate!

5. You’re weird Eliza. Do you actually enjoy organizing my junk drawer? (Yes. Yes I do.)

6. Why do I have 7 staplers in my office?

7. My office looks amazing! Can you organize my computer files too? (Yes. Yes I can.)

8. You’re right. I really don’t need this. And now that I think about it, I really don’t want it either!

9. Do you watch Hoarders? We’re not that bad, right? Right???

10. I’m not afraid to open this cabinet anymore!

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